Literary Links

This page is a collection of my favorite literary places. Since I've just begun to explore the net's resources in this area, it's small for now, but will grow. If you know of some interesting places, let me know.
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Alan Emmin's literary site contains short stories, essays, photos, poetry, feature articles, reviews and columns by many contributors as well as himself.  Think of this site as chocolate for your eyes.
A Canvas of Words
Betty Almond's literary site is a delight. You'll enjoy her short stories, or your money back!
The Coffee Press Journal is a new site with promising art - poetry (mostly alternative), short stories, essays, and other features.  Drop in for a drop and a browse.
Banned Books and Censorship
In the interest of promoting (and protecting) the First Amendment, we recommend this site for all of you who feel a bit rebellious. Check it out, read books, pass the word.
Looking for poetry? Try this place.


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