Reviews of  Blue Water Blues:

The first review of Blue Water Blues:

Ahoy, Matey!  A jolly good read, this Blue Water Blues story!

But did you have to include sex?  Isn't being chased by pirates and hoodlums on the briney deep enough of an adventure, without literally fishing mermaids out of the sea and sporting with them?  What would a child think, reading this?  I know, I know.  You didn't get graphic, but still.  Little innocent eyes and all.  Surely you can do without it, right?

Your fan,  Eric Handy, Vancouver

Eileen Schorr sent me this comment:

Dear Mr. Muri;

Blue water blues brightened up my week.  It's refreshing to read a romance disguised as an adventure novel.  It's even more refreshing to read about people with at least some morals.  So many of today's books are filth! 

You play games with your reader, sir.  Your character names, for example.  Using a child to ask obvious questions about mermaids and princesses.  Anyone would think you actually had fun writing this.  I suspect that is rare among modern writers, many of whom seem to be market-driven instead of inspired. I plan to read more of your work.

Christopher Ross has this to say::

Hello Jim---

Well, I received my copy of Blue Water Blues a few days ago. I started reading it on Wednesday and finished Thursday. What a great read; adventure, some romance, and a lot of sailing. What could be better? I will order a copy of Straws through PayPal later today. I think ebooks are a great addition to the literary world. I have a Kindle and I know that has sold me more books because of it. I carry it with me everywhere and use it nearly every day. I am currently living in Holland and it has made it remarkably convenient to get English language books for pleasure reading (and some professional purposes as well). Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read more.