Reviews of  Growing Milo:

Growing Milo
Thomas Farnne sent me this:

Mr. Muri;

Growing Milo is a fabulous, engrossing adventure!  Thanks for writing it and making it available on your website.  It was well worth the money, a far better read than I'm used to even from libraries and book stores.

At the end of the story I wasn't sure who the main character was.  Milo?  Pandy?  Either one is fine with me.  And the setting - Nebraska, mostly - brought back memories to me, because in my youth I lived in northern Kansas, on a farm. 

But you fooled me, sir.  The hint of romance at the start, mixed in with the hint of dire menace, led me to expect a 'normal' novel.  Surprise, surprise.  It ended up being one of a kind. 

Please send more when you have them written.  In the meantime, please send me Straws, 1939 - 1940.  If it's anywhere as good as Growing Milo, you've got a lifelong fan.

Yours, Thomas Farnne

And from Reneta Schmidt:

Dear James Muri

I read Growing Milo as assignment for Contemporary American Literature class.  We had to read one 'unknown' author, as well as a number of established authors.  I have read Melville, Steinbeck, Clancy, deMille, and some others.  Your story, to my surprised, amused me more than any of theirs.  I told my professor that, and he didn't think highly of my opinion, I'm afraid.

However, he read it and decided my opinion is understandable.  He said the story reminded him of something Mickey Spillane might have written, although since I haven't read Mr. Spillane I'm not sure if that is a compliment.  I hope you are not insulted.

I have begun to read Blue Water Blues.  It is not because of assignment, it is because of pleasure.

Reneta Schmidt
U. of Dusseldorf

Janelle Hooper has this to say:

Hi! Loved Milo ! It was a surprise, because the novel took a different—much meatier—turn after its “Good Samaritan” beginning. You’re awful rough on your protagonist. I was afraid you’d kill him before you finished the story!

 I noticed a few typos, but was so engrossed in the book I forgot to mark them. Should I look for them, or are you absorbed in the next story already?  

 What a good read! I’ll mention it in an upcoming blog!  ( )