Reviews of  The Other Passenger:

        Sean O'Malley:

Aha!  You thought your readers would think the other passenger was Mary, didn't you?  You thought you'd trick us.  But I knew!  I figured out who it was almost from the start.

I don't think I've read anything like this off the Science Fiction racks of our local book boutique.  It's different in two ways, aside from being a riveting tale:  first, as best as I can tell, all the events and such comply with the known laws of physics.  Secondly, it's terribly erotic.  Given a choice I do like a bit of well-crafted, plain-spoken eroticism. 

I just wanted to make sure that you know you have at least one repeat reader out there.  Do you have a recommendation for another good read?

I answered him: 
    Dear Sean; if you like passage novels, complete with all the above features you mention, you might try
Blue Water Blues.

Doris Malone:

Dear Sir;

Thank you for writing a fine romantic story, although I don't think I'll be letting my young teenagers read it.  Good intrigue, good double-dealing, good tension, amazing ending.  I will be reading more of your work.