Legal Information:

All the author's works are copyrighted. The author reserves all rights to himself. You may not copy, publish, distribute in any manner, edit, abridge, amend, duplicate, replicate, irrigate or fumigate any of his works without the express written consent of the author.

What you may do:

You may purchase a copy of the author's work. Once you have it, you may print ONE copy for your personal use, if you have obtained an electronic version of the author's work. You may treat it exactly as you legally would an ordinary book you purchased at the store. You can pass an electronic version the book along to one other person if, immediately after you have done so, you then delete your copy. In other words, from your purchase only one copy should be in existence and viewable on only one display system. You are also responsible for ensuring that the party to whom you might pass the book is aware of this policy.

Author's Apology:

I really don't like having to write all this legal stuff. I hope you understand, in this electronic age, that an author's works are in unprecedented danger of being ripped off. So we authors have to take these kinds of drastic measures. As I said, we don't like it, but we have to do it.