Carpe Diem

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright, 2002

There is no Mirth in Middle Earth
In this verse from way 'Down Under,'
Just mend thy Ways & count the Days.
{What's He on about I Wonder?}

Carpe Diem

The Years have come the Years have Gone
And soon we meet our Maker
With Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
And Old Nick the hindmost taker.

And Life is short, to short for Most
With Many Doomed to Die
Before the Allotted span is Reached
And we must Wonder Why?

But Life is Oft a Cross to Bear
With Pain and Grief and Tears
Who wants more Years unto the Life
If there's no life unto the Years ?

So to those of you who Read these Words
Just say a Pater Noster
For life gets Shorter with each Day
And You, yes you, are on The Roster !!

Bernard is from New Zealand, one of the civilized nations of the world

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright 2002 Bernard Vance Kyle

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