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Title Author Description For
Prize-Winning Stories  James R. Muri (for now) A partial collection of prize-winning prose Young Adults and older
Romantic Stories Romantic Contributors Romance can be erotic, but the reverse is not true.  So enter here knowing that. Young Adults and older
Old Fart Stories  Various contributors A new anthology of stories where the main character is over 50 years old. Young Adults and older
The Fictions of James R. Muri James R. Muri
A one-stop shop for startling stories from lovely to depraved, with stops along the way at inspiring and shocking. Young Adults and older
George Beighey's Select George Beighey A hand-picked selection of George Beighey's stories.  Treat yourself. Young Adults and older
Cailean Darkwater's Anthology Cailean Darkwater Odd, wild, philosophical, well crafted works by Cailean.  Well worth the fun! All Ages
Eugene Moser's Anthology Eugene Moser Back by popular demand - Phil and El, two teenagers, struggle to keep their vows of purity.  Think back and remember! Young Adult
Gary Grenier's Stories
Gary Grenier
Classical short stories, all clever and crafty
Young Adult and older
U Turn Chukwudum Okwudarue Relief is just a swallow away . . . or something. All
Monterey Bay Funeral at Sea Haf Jonsson Well, it sounded like a good idea . . . All
The Big Bang Richard O. Fanjoy A hunting anecdote - big gun, small deer . . . All
The Bridge to Divorce Janelle Meraz Hooper How are a boat and a doghouse alike? All
My First Fishing Trip Gwen McCants A fish story. True? You decide. All
The Silences Tatiana Tutubalina He sees, he hears, but he doesn't get the last word. All
Never the Same Fred Leonard Unlawful entry? Or something else? A Christmas tale. All
So There's This Guy - Daniel Lim Brainy, he ain't. Adult
Dogs d'Amour Marvin Druin Pro-choice run amok . . . Young Adult
A Day's Work Jala Alexander Freedom has never been free. Young Adult
The Crucifixation Gennady Borisanov Wackos, perfection - and the price of escape. Young Adult
In A Lonely Place  Mikaeal Bernard A hard, hard fall Young Adult
Terror  Mikael Bernard If we were meant to fly . . . Adult
Diner Will Noonan A first submission Young Adult
Swapmy Sex Jesse Cahn A Rule-Breaking Laugher Adults
Platinum Premium Service & Support Policy Bill Monks Cyber Laughs All Ages

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