What's For Dessert ??

Bernie Kyle

Copyright, 2002

Would you Like some 'Sweeties?'
To conclude your evening Meal ?
Just to keep things 'Balanced '
And maintain an even keel.

I'm sure you'd like to try some
But you'll need a good excuse
To indulge in such a manner
And not incur abuse !

But never Mind, Let's be Kind
We'll Practice Moderation
"We've heard all that before" you Say
"From the Younger Generation!"

Now one could Start, with Apple Tart
That's a staple, I admit,
But I do concede the Brandy Snaps
Are something of a hit.

Yet perhaps a Flan, and if one can,
Some Trifle, Mousse, or Fruit
Ice Cream is one that's always Nice
And "Ye Olde Steam Pud" is Beaut.

But perhaps you'd Like Pavlova
Or a piece of Pecan Pie
A Meringue or Two could be for You
Or a Sorbet you could Try ?

And If Temptation Beckons
You'll receive a friendly caution,
Or if you're weak, or slimness seek,
We'll provide a smaller portion.

But if all of this confuses,
And hard, it sure can be,
You can always go without you know
And have a cup of tea !!


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