The Doleful Dieter

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright, 2002

I'm off Chocolate Creams 'cos I bulge at the seams
And I'm nary as svelte as I am in my Dreams
I guess I should Try one of those Dieting Schemes
But perhaps that idea's not as smart as it seems.

My tum has become much bigger than some,
And Diet Control will just have to come,
But I was never designed to exist on a crumb,
And enforced starvation is decidedly dumb.

But my Doctor's a man, a man of persistence,
Who keeps prattling on 'bout Insulin Resistance
He's getting me down just through his insistence,
That to be overweight could impede my existence.

So dieters all, across this Great Nation,
Gird up thy loins to endure deprivation,
Seek moderation and avoid all temptation,
And hope you beomce the great Slimming Sensation !!

Bernard is from New Zealand, one of the civilized nations of the world

Bernard Vance Kyle

Copyright 2002 Bernard Vance Kyle

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