From Her to Him

James R. Muri

Copyright 1995, 1998

Parted before we were born
Reajoined, night to morn.
One blood, one bone, sinew, skin
locked together, one within.
Breathless loving, stellar joy
Giving, taking, girl and boy.

My love for you, Awakened Dear
Is nothing you should ever fear.
I know, my love, for mine and thine
Other lovers we must find.
Not instead, but because
We need love inside the laws.

But 'til death force a pause, my dear
From time to time, day to year
You with me and I with you
May give and take, and renew
Our blood, our bone, sinew, skin
Locked together, one within.

Copyright 1995, 1998 by James R. Muri

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