Ode to a Microbus

James R. Muri

Copyright, 1996

or, Welcome Back to The Sixties, EcoDude.

You belch and fart
acrid smoke,
Pissing off
Normal folk.

Uphill crawl,
Roadblock trash.
Downhill fall,
Rolling crash.

Rusty shell,
Yellow paint,
Flower Print,
Social taint.

Made of steel,
Plastic seats,

Ride inside,
Flipping off
In righteous pride.

We're so neat,
We're so aware,
You other shits
Never care.

Smoke this rope,
Chew this 'shroom,
Find a new
Celestial room.

We're EcoDudes
And we're aware
That you're no good,
So beware -

We'll make this Earth
A better Place
By killing off
The Human Race.

Fish and Birds
Are all that's good
For Mama Earth,
But not for food.

Oh, Humans are
The Scourge of Life.
Nature's curse,
Nature's strife.

So let's all die
And go to hell,
Let roaches feast
Our fleshy shell.

Then we'll applaud
Long and loud
At pristine Earth,
And we'll be proud.

Dead, of course.
But we'll be proud. . .

Copyright, 1996 by James R. Muri

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