A Talk With an Old Friend

James R. Muri

Ain't it just strange
How the music don't change
When two old friends share some songs
You remember, I know
It weren't long ago
We asked her if she’d come along

Now here we are
In this friendly old bar
Remembering the good times we had
With a pitcher (or so)
Your strings that still know
These old songs that run through my head

And the crowd sings along
With our rusty old songs
Not knowing the stories they tell
Of the cool empty hole
That once held my soul
Before she sent it to hell
Old songs stay true
I thought she would, too
We’ll sing of the things we both did
For a pitcher (or so)
Your strings will play slow
These old songs that run through my head

Tell me, Old Friend
Have I gone 'round the bend
Remembering while trying to forget
You're right, of course,
I'll get back on that horse
We'll leave, right after next set

A set of old songs
Of remorse and Done Wrongs
Of the pain of a cold empty bed
With a pitcher (or so)
And your strings of pure gold
And old songs that run through my head

Copyright March 11, 1997 by James R. Muri
Song notes: In A, simple progression, easy melancholy cadence, mostly talked. (See Oldsongs.sng for score.)

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