Original Sin Again

James R. Muri
Copyright 1999

It matters not our lineage,
Our curse of common blood;
It’s always been here with us
‘Ere first we stepped from mud.

When Eve was rib-extracted
From Adam’s flesh one night
The curse of blood between them
Sweetened their delight.

They in time two sons begatted
And one gave away his life
To the other son who found
A woman for his for wife.

But there were no other parents.
The Bible mentions none.
But he still found a woman
With whom to father sons.

This unnamed mother / woman
With whom Cain fathered sons
Was Eve or her fair daughter
There were no other ones.

This curse of common blood
That makes us hesitate
Is instead a blessed sweetener
For us should ‘ere we mate.

I will call you Adam
Or I will call you Cain
And you can call me Darling
When we have finally lain.

Please satisfy your sweet tooth!
I know your appetite aspires
To a taboo taste of apples.
We have the same desires.

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