Two Procrastinators

James R. Muri

Copyright 1999

Dear Charlotte;

I thought I ought to tell you that

Sometimes when I'm thinking
(Which I sometimes do)
I feel a little guilty
For the way I'm loving you.
We both know it ain't proper
So with this verse I say
I resolve this very instant
To stop it all someday.

Love, Carl

Dearest Carl;

You're right, we're so improper! That's oh so very true! So

Someday I won't offer
What I want from you.
Someday you won't take it
Someday when skies aren't blue.
Someday when seas are chocolate
And what is false is true
Someday when my love
Is not for only you
Someday when black is white
I'll resolve to stop it, too.

Always, Charlotte

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