Swapmy Sex

Jesse Cahn
kopiwrite 1996
"Aligatrs do it," I says to her, "Ina swapm."

She turns red, bits her lip.

"That does'nt meen I"m going to do it," she said. "I thot you broute me out here ina Okeefeenokee Swapm to see alligatrs doin it."

"Yep. Did," I agread. "So's youd get trned on. Sos youd fuckme like that. Like they do, that way. Cepn here, in this jonbote."

She luked arund. Bote rokt. "Do'nt see no aligatrs doin't nothing," she said. "anyways, I'd nevr fuk you anyway." swapm or not.

"I aint'; so bad, I tole her, "just horny. How bout you?"

"Take me back home, rite now, she said?"

"nope, not til you fuk me. We'll stay hear, eet fish and drink swapm watr, til you take them briches of and let me fuk you."

It was quite. No noese, nowhere. Just bugs, splashes, thinking.

Aftr awhile - "Take me home, John Smith. Now. Don't wanta do nothun. Now. I'll tell Ma!"

"Nope. No, Jane Brown, you gonna give me somethin, make this swapm tripe nece to rember."

Mor quite. Thinking. Eyes, luks.

"Mebe if you was et, she said after awhile". That be ok?"

What's that, I asked?"

She toled me, and so I thote.

OK, i agread. "Yep. That's ok fornow."

nuthin Else, "john? You Promise"?

"Yep." Fornow, this trip.

ok then Stand "UP she said," shuck them briches down some.

So I did. It was eksiting. I was eksited.

I stept close, she rokt the bote. I fell ina watr.

I gess aligatrs do that, to. Eet, I mene. Yep . . .

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