Romantic Poetry

From the heart, or what's left of it.
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He's thinking . . . So's she. This area is only for those who love, who have loved, who have loved and lost, who wish they had loved, who loved too well or not well enough, who quenched or longed to quench a burning desire, who remember a time and a person who . . .
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Title Description For
Sweet Summer Sweat  Some like it hot and sticky 
(Tacoma Writer's Club Best Poem, August 1999)
A Time for Wine  "A loaf of bread, a jug of wine . . ." Adults
Original Sin Again Not for those on heart medicine or Viagra
Adults Only
Sonnet #1  MiLady Doth Desire a Dalliance
Young Adults
Aphrodesia The fruit has ripened and is ready for the harvest . . . Young Adults
Aphrodesia Or maybe this isn't about fruit after all. Older Adults
A Talk w/ an Old Friend A Melancholy Song
(First Prize, Oct 1998 Tacoma Writers Club)
All Ages
From Her to Him Just who are these people? Adults
Strangely Late night, a finger of Glenfiddich and a tragic error
Two Procrastinators 
He's trying to resist . . .

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